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Customer Comments

Dr. G. B. (age 44) President Hawaii Spa Association
"I have been to over one hundred Spa's and feel that your sensory treatment is light years ahead of any other available treatment. WOW! Forward thinkers like yourselves will only keep pushing the envelope of Spa products and treatments to greater heights"

P. C. (age 58) SPA Magazine Editor, Author, Chi-Gong Master, Chiang Mai, Thailand:
"Wow, congratulations and Thank You. The JK7 - SPA Sensator™ is mind boggling, soul balancing and a zero weight delight. The Sensator beats any movie, sport, book, meditation, martial art."

B. B. (age 51) Artist, Painter, Hawaii, USA:
"I was so proud to be the first outsider to try this stunning new SPA invention. Please let me have it again, as often as possible, to reduce my daily stress and improve my performance level."

V. W. (age 48), Professor, Tokyo, Japan:
"JK7™ is the first Ferrari in the boring SPA industry. It was high time. I was deadly bored with SPA architecture, mystery showers, Arabian saunas and all the great names for the ever same treatments and often unfriendly therapists. What a new and joyful world."

B. B. (age 75) Washington, USA:
"Great new invention for the global SPA industry. My travel stress was gone in 7 minutes."

W. V. (age 78) Wolfsberg, Austria:
"No therapist was necessary and all my senses where alive, active, happy, fulfilled and relaxed."

M. S. (age 74) Kaernten, Austria:
"I never thought that I could feel so light and bright and young again."

G. P. (age 49) High School Director, Peine, Germany:
"After adjusting and letting go my "safe" (insecure) space I felt harmony, balance and joy. No psychotherapy on earth can deliver in endless and expensive hours what your JK7 - SPA Sensator™ can do in 45 minutes. What a fun and money saving treatment."

H. S. (age 44), Architect, Brisbane, Australia:
"As an always over-worked architect I could let go after the first 5 minutes of red, Mozart, Rosemary Oil in cold mist and being immersed on body temperature, dead sea salt water. Whilst floating in a safe environment on the surface my tired creativity kicked back in, my motivation was back. Thank You!"

P. S. (age 21), Student, Zurich, Switzerland:
"Wow, "geil", cool! After 10 minutes in the JK7 - SPA Sensator™ I was fit and totally revived after a heavy and long Saturday Night Party. That never happened before."

H. K. (age 60), Salzgitter, Germany:
"As a Math and Physics Teacher I recharged my empty life battery in such a short time. I loved the blue color, fragrance and music most."

A. M. (age 43), Bern, Switzerland:
"As a fearful, controlled woman with headaches and migraine I was able to let go and receive wonders. Even my reduced and controlled sex drive returned."

D. B. (age 48), Medical Doctor, Adelaide, Australia:
"As a traditional modern Medical Doctor I learned so much about my own senses in the JK7 Sensator, as never in my career before. The last color (purple), the Tibetan Meditation Music and the Sandalwood fragrance whilst floating felt like heaven on earth."

D. L. (age 55), Shop Builder, Sydney, Australia:
"Great, Mates! As an active Surfer on famous beaches in the world for more then 35 years, I can only say: I hit the biggest, best and safest wave (for all my senses) in my whole life. In your new JK7 - SPA Sensator™ 'my surf was up'."

B. M. G. (age 59) Chemist, Byron Bay, Australia:
"As a natural fragrance specialist and distiller I must confess: color, sound and weightless floating, added to pure fragrance knocked out my conscience as a rational chemist and opened up a new world beyond."

J. R. (age 54) Artist, Minneapolis, USA:
"I sell Steinway, the best pianos in the world. Your JK7™ is the new Steinway for the SPA industry."

W. M. (age 43), Banker, Zurich Switzerland:
"When the colder colors of the spectrum (green, blue, violet) surrounded me, in magic cold mist, with the according music and purest essential oils, I could let go of all the endless numbers and calculations in my head about money, capital and career. Yes, I felt reborn after, and more capable to handle my endless career stress."

E. L. (age 33) Therapist, Hong Kong:
"I have worked as a successful facial and massage therapist in great places and never expected to see such a great invention for my industry. After the JK7 - SPA Sensator™ Experience I would suggest a soft and caring massage for a complete SPA result.

K. M. E. (age 30), Haleiwa, Hawaii, USA:
"I am 6 months pregnant and my unborn baby and I felt safe like in paradise. With my increasing weight I felt incredible to float weightlessly through a universe of warm, rainbows, fog and divine fragrances and music."

E. C. (age 55) Adelaide, Australia:
"I have sold and floated in dark deprivation tanks in warm Epsom salt water and sold them for over 35 years. Wow, you added color, sound, taste and fragrance to this dark world of mine. It is priceless. When can I buy a JK7™ unit for 2 and how long does it take to deliver and to install? Special Price for a JK7™ lover?"

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