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How does the JK7- SPA Sensator™ work?

The JK7™ simultaneously uses Aroma, Sound and Color therapy to transcend on the regular 5 senses. Carefully programmed sequences of color, pure essential oils, music and meditations with changing intensities, volume, and duration are felt, then reported to the brain that in turn translates those signals into real physiological and physical reactions and responses. A sensual cleaning process from past memories takes place. Enhanced through the effects of a weightless, non-claustrophobic environment, cool mist induction technology and state-of-the-art color, sound and aroma therapy system, body and mind deeply relax, open and submit to new dimensions never encountered before, and that all whilst floating in body-temperature Dead Sea salt water in a hygienic and safe, non-claustrophobic environment.

How does a basic treatment sequence look like?

A basic treatment sequence can be as follows, but there is no limit to the options and details that can be added. On arrival the client changes into a swim suit, showers and then gets into a comfortable floating position in the non-claustrophobic Dead Sea salt pool at 37°C. Depending on the chosen treatment the JK7- SPA Sensator™ starts the treatment sequence. Cool micro mist fills the room and immerses the client into the world of WOW and NOW. Colors, sounds and aromas are introduced, changed, balanced and start their magic act on the human senses, the brain and finally body and soul. When the program is finished the client showers and changes or ideally moves on to other supportive treatments.

Can the JK7- SPA Sensator™ treatment be packaged with other conventional treatments?

Absolutely, as a matter of fact we highly recommend to introduce the client to a tranquility session after the treatment that can be followed by an Aromatherapy Massage or similar treatments applications.

Who should use the JK7- SPA Sensator™?

The JK7- SPA Sensator™ can basically be used by anybody independent of age for both wellbeing or health purposes. At the beginning of each treatment an assessment form will be filled to determine your personal characteristics and to detect any possible health restrictions and recommend the best treatment and sequence.

Is it safe to use the JK7- SPA Sensator™ if I can't swim?

Yes, absolutely. There is no need to be able to swim. The floatation pool is only 40cm deep and you are also provided with a neck floatation cushion for your comfort. If requested the attendant can remain in the room or even support your float. Nobody can ever sink , the bigger the body the higher one floats above the saltwater.

What are the benefits for the client?

The JK7- SPA Sensator™ technology and programming delivers treatments that achieve deep and real physical and psychological impact on a wellbeing or/and therapeutic level. The desired benefits will be achieved and the experience will be longlasting and unforgettable.

What are the benefits for the owner?

The Owner will benefit one many levels. The JK7- SPA Sensator™ is a new sensational invention that will bring a distinct competitive advantage. Guest satisfaction, return business, low operational cost , excellent revenue per square meter and return on investment all make the purchase a great business proposition.

What treatments are available?

The JK7- SPA Sensator™ offers endless possibilities for both wellbeing and medical treatment programming. As research continues new treatments will be made available and existing ones kept at the cutting edge level of impact.

How many clients can be treated in the JK7- SPA Sensator™?

The JK7- SPA Sensator™ technology and software can service individual clients or groups alike. The number of clients in one session is only limited by the design of the facility.

How many staff do I need to operate the JK7- SPA Sensator™?

The JK7- SPA Sensator™ operating systems and hardware are arranged in such a manner that one non-licensed staff, trained on the system, workflow and safety procedures can operate the facility and give the custumer service desired - be it for individuals or groups.

What qualifications does the staff need to have to operate the JK7- SPA Sensator™?

The staff does not have to be a licensed therapist. On the job training will be provided on all systems, treatments and safety and service.

How do I know that the JK7- SPA Sensator™ will be suitable for my property?

When you have an existing spa facility or renovate or build a new spa, the JK7- SPA Sensator™ should be a must in our time, where all spas and treatments have become so similar.

How much space is required to build a JK7- SPA Sensator™ facility?

The space requirement can be as little as 20 square meters and has almost no limits in how large it can be. Size depends on the number of clients that need to be accommodated in one session, how many additional facilities are desired and to what level of luxury the facility will be developed.

Who designs the facility to house the JK7- SPA Sensator™?

The owner of the property is responsible for the design of the room and small pool for the saltwater. We provide advice for the best design without extra cost and technical support for the hygiene, heating, and filtration of the salt water. We will guarantee and service our part, the soft- and hardware of the JK7- SPA Sensator™.

Who builds the facility to house the "JK7- SPA Sensator™"?

The Owner of the facility is responsible for construction and/or fit out. We will provide technical support.

How long does it take to finish a JK7- SPA Sensator™ installation?

The speed of design and construction and/or fit out is entirely up to the owner. WE can supply and install the JK7- SPA Sensator™ hard- and software within 60 - 90 days of order confirmation and built in the JK7- SPA Sensator™ in 2-5 days, after the room and pool has been finished by the owner.

Where can we purchase a JK7- SPA Sensator™?

The JK7- SPA Sensator™ is globally distributed exclusively by JKJ Spa & Wellness Company Limited™. Inquiries can be made by clicking the icon below. Once your interest to purchase a JK7- SPA Sensator™ has been confirmed you will receive a password that let's you view more detailed contractual and financial information in the section "Business proposition".

What is included in the purchase of a JK7- SPA Sensator™?

JK7- SPA Sensator™ hard- and software (including at least 6 treatment programs)

  • Installation by our expert teams.
  • One month on site support by a dedicated Customer Service Manager.
  • One year full maintenance including parts.
  • Further upgrades and more treatment programs every year.
  • First supply of Sensator™ essential oils for approx 70 treatments.
  • First supply of Dead Sea Salt - to be changed after 6-12 months.
  • After 12 months one free lecture by Dr. Jurgen Klein for staff and clients
  • 24 hour service hotline
  • Sensator™ plaque to be installed visible in the spa.
  • Sensator™ how does it work booklet by Dr.J.Klein
  • In-house marketing support workshop for the JK7- SPA Sensator™

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