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Features & Benefits

The JK7 - SPA Sensator™ offers tangible benefits to both owners and clients:

  • A perfected new dimension in Spa experience.

  • The ability to be installed or custom-designed starting a 25 sqm.

  • Can adapt to any interior design and level of luxury

  • Can be used by individuals or groups up to 20 clients

  • Is operated by one non-licensed staff.

  • Offers a large variety of treatments from wellbeing to health.

  • Performs consistently and delivers desired results.

  • Has minimal operating cost and is easy to handle.

  • Is supported by an expert team for both hard- and software maintenance.

  • Unsurpassed value for money to owners and clients.

  • A profitable business proposition with excellent ROI.

  • Enriches and enhances traditional spa treatments

  • Will be seen as a must in Resorts and Spas soon.

  • It is all in one: sensational, never seen before, modern, trendy, desirable and fun.

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