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Dr.Jurgen Klein was born in Germany during the Baby Boomer era. Early in life he felt the calling to question the conventional, to research, to examine and to develop products that can make our planet a better place to stay and enjoy.

His educational achievements, a PhD in Chemistry and Dr. of Naturopathy, combined with lifelong studies, practice and lecturing about environment, health & wellbeing, Eastern and Western philosophy, herbalism, medicine, alternative medicine and therapies gave him the perfect soil to plant his strong entrepreneurial seed.

In 1972 Dr. Klein founded LIVOS a natural product company producing and selling poison-free paints and colors, and also formulated his first aromatherapy creams. He sold the company and spent 4 years as a developer, researcher and scientific leader for Wala/Dr. Hauschka in Germany.

In 1984 he moved to Australia to found JURLIQUE as the “Purest Skin Care on Earth”. He drove the company to global success and in 2003 sold his interest in the company.

Since then he has started a new life in Hawaii and Switzerland and spent the past 5 years in quiet, doing charity work in Asia, and extensively traveling to China, India, Nepal and Tibet.

Dr. Klein is working on several books at publishing stage and has done more research & development, creating totally new scientifically proven products in the areas of cosmetics, food and nutraceuticals, herbal medicines and fresh innovations for treatments and therapies in the SPA industry – all in an effort to contribute to a healthier living, longevity and a better environment.

  • Born in Northern Germany, Baby Boomer, 5 children
  • When he was 14 years old he started his first home laboratory with studies in Alchemy and Natural Substances
  • Lifelong studies, practice, lecturing about environment, health & wellbeing, Eastern and Western philosophy, herbalism, medicine, alternative medicine and therapies
  • College Matriculation, Master of Chemistry, PhD in Chemistry
    German Certificate as Naturopath Dr., practicing Naturopathy in Australia for 15 years
  • Inventor and Innovator in the Health & Wellbeing field, involving Homoeopathy, Herbalism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, Aromatherapy, Color Therapy, Nutrition and Skin Care
  • Founder of natural product company LIVOS in Germany in 1972 (poison-free paints and colors, first aromatherapy creams)
  • Developer and Researcher of natural-based health products for external and internal use as scientific leader in Wala/Dr. Hauschka for 4 years and developing products for other companies
  • 1984 immigration to South Australia with family of 6. Founder of Jurlique International from scratch as researcher and manufacturer of The Purest Skin Care on Earth and other natural health care products.
  • Adelaide Hills chosen for a clean, less-polluted place on earth to grow eastern and western healing herbs organically and bio-dynamically, using ancient extraction methods with modern methods (Spagyric, Bio-Intrinsic)
    Over 20 years experience in Marketing/Sales to 20 countries, educating people to look after their own health and wellbeing by consuming purer foods and herbal medicines
  • Internationally recognized pioneer in the Wellness & Spa Industry, on ethical, professional and spiritual grounds
  • Started new concept of franchise and company stores in 10 countries with day spas and education in inner cities “bring the health resort to the busy people”
  • Holds public lectures on big and small stages on self-healing, aging healthily and with grace, life and longevity physically, mentally and psychologically, and loving relationships
  • Thousands of lectures and trainings to people about natural ingredients, environmental issues and how to read and understand food and cosmetic labels to make educated decisions and get the best value for money
    All activities in the aforementioned areas he began long before it became mainstream and a successful business worldwide
  • Sold his shares of Jurlique in 2002 and 2003, left Australia to start a new life in Hawaii and Switzerland and prepare for the next level of his contributions to healthier living, longevity and a better environment
  • Research and Development with several Universities to prove that herbs, organic food & nutraceuticals and a suitable lifestyle will reduce disease and the use of medicinal drugs and junk (Charitable Klein Foundation & Research Institute)
  • After 5 years in quiet and doing charity work in Asia, extensively traveling to China, India, Nepal, Tibet, he has books in preparation for publishing and more R & D is creating totally new products with scientific proof in the area of Cosmetics, Food and Nutraceuticals, Herbal Medicines and New Innovations for Treatments and Therapies in the SPA Industry
  • He is helping a new generation of aging people (between 55 and 80), who refuse to get and be old like generations before. Health and wellbeing of a never aging mind, spirit, body and soul of this new longevity generation will be able to heal the sick, the poor and the ailing planet.
  • The teaching of great human beings like Deng Ming Dao, Krisnamurti, Rudolf Steiner, Mahatma Gandhi, Suma Ching Hai, E. Tolle and others in past centuries have helped to shape his life and drive.

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